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Mandurah's only full-service scooter shop. You're in good hands with our friendly customer service team, who are based locally and waiting to help you every step of the way!

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You’re a lover of the outdoors and freedom, so getting around this is what you love to do. Sometimes things happen in life that take some of those freedoms away for a time but with a mobility scooter from Mandurah Scooters, your environment becomes open to you again.

Our service extends beyond just selling new or used-but like any car-we have mechanics on staff who can make sure your ride stays running smoothly year after year. This is what makes our business unique from sales to service. You have full peace of mind year after year.

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With our New Mobility Scooters, life is just easier and it lets you live your best life on your terms.

If you are struggling with reduced mobility or chronic pain in the neck, back, hips, joints of legs, feet or if age makes mobility more difficult for day-to-day tasks such as going out grocery shopping or visiting friends in other neighborhoods then using a mobility scooter may help ease some discomfort and allow you to regain independence as well as get out more often.

Be prepared when getting your freedom back – we’ve got everything sorted here at Mandurah Scooters!

Independent travel has never been more convenient!

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Are you in need of a mobility scooter, but don’t want to spend the money on an expensive new one? Mandurah Scooters is here for you! We offer used mobility scooters that are guaranteed to give you another lease on life.

A used scooter from us can be just as reliable as any other in the market at best, even despite how old it may be. We offer only quality products specially designed to cater for your needs.

The reason why our items are so reasonable is that they work like new ones but come with a cheaper price tag; ideal for those who want to conserve their money.

These Used Mobility Scooters still give you a sense of freedom and independence which is- sadly- can become rarer when your age increases; so why not take advantage now while we’re still also able to offer these products at very affordable rates?

Stop by and see how easy it is to get back on your feet with new, refurbished mobility scooters.


With our new and used motorbikes, you get the same level of care.

All new motorbikes/scooters come with a factory warranty. Every used motorbike has been serviced prior to hitting our showroom floor. 

Independent travel has never been more convenient!


Here at Mandurah Scooters, we service and repair all motorbikes, scooters, and mobilities.

We’re here for all sorts of repairs from minor adjustments right through to a more serious fix-all solution when something goes wrong. With our state-of-the-art workshop and spare parts ready available just waiting to fix whatever needs fixing – there’s no reason why getting your mobility scooter repaired should cause further frustration!

Our Happy Clients

Jasmine Jones
Excellent customer service you couldn’t find a nicer bunch of people Marlene and Nicki are stars 🌟 And their prices are by far the best in Mandurah.
Steve Endersby
Thanks for keeping to the quote. Look on the bright side, you’ll make more money off me when I get the rest of the work done.
Kath Dudley
The team could not have been more helpful when my mobility was compromised following back surgery. They matched me with a scooter that met my needs at a very reasonable price. A professional yet old fashioned friendly service. Highly recommended
Steve Devries

I have been going here for almost 20 years. Over that time I have bought several scooters, a motorbike, and a couple of mobility scooters. I have always been looked after well with prices and advice. i have never been sold anything that was not needed and the same can be said when it came to servicing my bikes. I would recommend Mandurah Scooters to anyone.

Jacquie Meyer
Mandurah mobility scooters For all your parts and needs go see them today you won’t be disappointed.. Team was amazing so helpful Truely honest he will make sure what you want and what u need is all their and won’t just try and sell you anything. I truely couldn’t be happier then I am. Hay got a old scooter that you no longer need go see them . Thanks for everything
William Combe
Looking forward to Monday I’m coming to buy a scooter and have been recommended to you guys,I have been told this place is wonderful,,the customer service is great and you have everything I could possibly need.I shall post again tomorrow once I leave with my new moped…WOO WHOOO