20 Reasons to buy a scooter

If you are still unsure about getting a scooter here are 20 advantages you would receive by buying a scooter:

1. Very affordable.
2. Easy to use for short distances and long distances.
3. Small and easy to move.
4. Easy to park.
5. Easy to ride.
6. Great gas mileage.
7. Cheap insurance.
8. It is Eco-friendly.
9. Smooth and comfortable ride.
10. Comes in lots of different designs and styles.
11. You can have an increased enjoyment of your surroundings. 
12. Easy maintenance.
13. Scooters are automatic.
14. Cheaper parking.
15. Fun to ride.
16. Easier to avoid traffic jams.
17. Easy to clean.
18. Have leg shields so you aren't affected by a water puddle splash.
19. Scooters have storage compartments to hold small items and bags.
20. Scooter sales are on the rise worldwide.